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The Lightbringer

Bison Corp @ Access Event January 2022

Running from the dark
Dry in a dustbowl
I was captivated by a dazzling glance
Almost like a sudden blast
You rose from the gutter
To illuminate the night

Bison – Chronos Caelum Apollo

This awesome Set is aviable as Single Pieces at the Access Event January Round Running since the 12th January! it comes in Sizes for Belleza Jake, Legacy Male and Gianni

your Taxi!

The suite Comes with The Gloves and has a 3 Color hud included (Red, Black & White)

The Helmet comes in creme white and Black color and has a resize script! included is a Hud for diffrent Led Animations and colors!

The Hand Trinums comes also in Black White and Creme and are fully colorable via Hud as well as you can choose from diffrent LED animations and color them

The Shoes come in Balck only!

Thx to my Lovely wife Vivien for beeing part of this 😀

Info About the Background and Items:

  • Chair – Lore Solar Lounge chair
  • Orb – Aii Shadow Sensor Orb
  • Stole and Orbs – Dreamcatcher Echo of Darkness
  • Backround structure – [Tiny Hat] Xeno Archway

For Infos about the stuff Viv wears…ask her 😉


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