„My world , my desire ~ DaRk_ArT~

  • Red Fluid in Backround: :moon amore: Liquid Soul/ Fluids Halo -Water
  • Hands: [CX] x Insomnia Angel – „deadly end“ door ( rez , hide the door and use in edit menu “ edit parts “ to move them how you need them . Same with the Water
  • Hair: DOUX – Angeni hairstyle
  • Mouth scar: XS Primal EvoX Get Scarred Pack 1
  • Wounds on Arm and nose : Own drawed
  • Blindfold : [VERBOTEN] Takius
  • Nails Halo: { MoonPhase } Nail Halo Mask
  • Neck : \Naberius\ Spinal Tap gunmetal
  • Pins on the back : cinphul // tempest [hairstick]
  • Pasties: [AYO] Pasties.
  • Nipple wounds: Mad‘ – Hardcore Pasties
  • Neck Tattoo: Personaly own created and not for sale
  • Nose combination: Plugs : -SU!- Piercing Set 07 + Lance above ::OOPS:: Bandlans Set (Piercings & Bindi) + Lance down ::OOPS:: Tribal Lance Piercings + actually Septum [CX] Epistaxis Set (Lelutka EVO/EVOX) . Alternatively you can work with this set too. Its more easy to create a similar combination : Wiccas-Originals-Jadeon-Nose-Piercing + Wiccas-Originals-Tagan-Piercing-Set

If I miss some , so just let me know FB Messanger – Flickr )

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