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The Light

Heike, Diaboli Design & Dreamcatcher @ Tokyo Zero January 2022

And now, I swear I’m blind
Looking for the light
I can never find
I just wanna live before I die
Over and over in my mind
And I cannot seem to run
Cannot seem to fight
I just wanna live before I die
Over and over in my mind

All featured items aviable at the Tokyo Zero Event running since January 10th!

Heike – Dragon Hat

The Awesome Hat comes with a Massive Texture hut to make it Look the way you want it. Also included is a resize option and you can wear the hat band seperate so you can play with the way you wear it perfect! get it here

Diaboli Design – Oni Katana & Cyber Orc Jaw

The Detailed Katanas come in versions for Left, Right and Spine with some animations and a color Hud for the Neons, Blades and Handles! also included is a No Animation version to play around with your own Poses and Animations!

The Awesome Jaw is unrigged and so you can wear it no matter what kind of Head you own! included is a Resize Option and a Hud with Several color options for the Jaw and the Neons!

Get Both Items Seperated here

Dreamcatcher Stone Motif Backdrops

These super cool backdrops are aviable in 4 Design versions (2 shown in picture) and are fully editable to make the neon the color you want it! the Land Impact varies from 16 to 32 so get them and boost you pics! here

Aramis Wears:

  • Head – Lelutka EvoX Connor
  • Body – Belleza Jake
  • Outfit – Somnium Haori and Harem Pants @ Mainstore
  • „Gloves“ Contraption Phostetic Arms (BoM)

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