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Badwolf / Nefekalum Blog

Badwolf has created this pretty Toke Necklace for you that is rigged for the following bodies: eBody Reborn, Legacy F and M. You get a unrigged version also. With the HUD you can change the cross in 4 colors ( silver, gold, black and blue). Out now at the Badwolf Mainstore

Nefekalum created the Wyvern under eye tattoo for you. You get them in following colors : Black, Carved, Marked and White (Tintable) . They are in BoM and EvoX Heads BoM Layers.
Grab it now at the Nefekalum Mainstore ( New location )

What she is wearing too in this picture

  • Head: LeLutka EvoX Ceylon
  • Body: eBody Reborn
  • Hair: =DeLa*= Editable Hair „Rochelle“
  • Horns & Feathers: Holy Hell Body Feathers:Horns:Halo: + {aii & ego}
  • Bindi : RAWR! Saint Bindi and Mouthpiece
  • Cheek Lance: [CX] Lance Piercing (Bento) – Silver ( The Catwa Lilo Lance works well with my Ceylon )
  • Spiked Lips Piercing : [CX] Spiked Drill – Silver ( Bento ) – I wear the unrigged version
  • Eyes: AG. Sinister Eyes – Sin
  • Eyebrows: SB] EvoX AVALON JuliaAir HighArch Diamond
  • Lipstick : Ladybird. // Neuromancer Lipstick
  • Glove: [Cubic Cherry] {Diem} leather gloves BLACK
  • Nails: L’Emporio&PL::Damned Claws::-Set- eBODY REBORN-V3
  • Little Lips piercings:  ~LF~ Blair + ~LF~ Wren
  • Face Nose Tattoo + Blackout Tattoo : Personaly , own created and not for sale
  • Nose combination: Plugs : -SU!- Piercing Set 07 + Lance above ::OOPS:: Bandlans Set (Piercings & Bindi) + Lance down ::OOPS:: Tribal Lance Piercings + actually Septum [CX] Epistaxis Set (Lelutka EVO/EVOX) . Alternatively you can work with this set too. Its more easy to create a similar combination : Wiccas-Originals-Jadeon-Nose-Piercing + Wiccas-Originals-Tagan-Piercing-Set

If I miss some , so just let me know ( FB MessangerFlickr )

Nefekalum Flickr
Badwolf Flickr

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