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Corazon, Just Tony & Verboten @ Tokyo Zero December round 2021

These are lonely words
Barely on the page
I’ve a million thoughts
But I can’t let them escape
I’ve got this barrier
Screaming inferior
Am I a saboteur
Lost in the fear

All featured items aviable at the Tokyo zero event december round!

Corazon – Fuji Tattoo

This full body tattoo comes in 3 intensity BoM layers and is absolutely unisex get it here

Just Tony – Black Christmas

in this pack you will get 5 diffrent styles with more ironic Xmas designes and a holding animation! get it here

Verboten – Hastur Cup/Eyes

This awesome modeled cup comes with a color Hud for the Cup and Tentacles also included is a holding pose and a non animated cup with the fatpack you´ll get the eyes for lelutka/EvoX and BoM 🙂
get it here

Aramis Wears:

  • Head – Lelutka Connor EvoX
  • Body – Belleza Jake
  • Hair Dura U109
  • Ears – Swallow Gauged Ears
  • Face Augments – Neo Kitsch Back alley face augmentations
  • Nails – Conviction The Claws
  • Table – Contraption Halo.Gen Surveillance System: Security Station
  • Backdrop – our home xD

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