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BeSpoke – Rodent Carla @ Salvage Station

Let nature rock you into a dreamland…🤍“

BeSpoke created for you the stunning Rodent Carla Avatar which is available at the Salvage Station Event . You get the head (F / M neck versions), a shape for F / M, 1 complete skin, 5 BoM eyes and an animation HUD. At the event you can get other skins, such as the albino skin that I wear in my picture.Get the Head here at the Salvage Station event and maybe the rats can cuddle together in a flower bed * giggles * The event runs from Nov20th and goes to Dec20th, 2021

~What she is using too in this picture~

  • Ground/Back wall : Botanical – Sculpted Stone Wall Set
  • White spider lily: -Garden- by anc „sakari“ spider lily 3Li (white)
  • Red Flower: [CIRCA] – „Rising Dawn“ Cleome Flower Cluster v2 – Red
  • Leaves: tarte. falling leaves
  • Tree for shadow effects in ultra: Maya’s – Small Autumn Tree with Moving Leaves
  • Mouse Tail: Paw-Tomic – Mousie Tail ( in MP for a smale price )
Salvage Station Official Page
Salvage Station Flickr Group

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