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Prepare – Heike & E.A. Studio Blog

Spending nights just staring at the wall
Pay no mind to the demons in the hall
Yeah, I’m numb I don’t feel nothing at all
Braced for the fall

Try to calm myself down but I feel the panic
Is it all up in my head, am I going manic?
Try to calm myself down but I feel the panic
Is it all up in my head?

Heike – Police Baton

This detailed Batons waiting for you at the Abstrakt event (running since November 15th) they come in versions for left and right and have included a holding pose as well as a animation to punch with them. Also included is a massive color hud so you can make them look like u want them 🙂 get it here

E.A. Studio Erald Bolt Choker

This awesome choker is aviable at the Mainstore ands will Nail your style! comes unrigged and with resize via Hud to make it fit your neck! also a Color hud with options for the Bolts and leather band is included so get it here

Aramis Wears:

  • Head – Lelutka Connor EvoX
  • Body – Belleza Jake
  • Hair – Dura U106
  • Top – Legal Insanity Raven Shirt
  • Bracers – Cerberus Lance Bracers
  • Eyepatch – Cerberus Bloody Cyclops
  • Plugs – E.A Studio Inazuma Plugs @ Mainstore
  • Scars – Moonlight Inside Scars 2
  • Rings – LÉmporio Errant
  • Arm Chain – LÉmporio Fighting Belts
  • Nails – Conviction the Claws
  • Backdrop – Paleto KPRED

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