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Alone – Wicca´s Originals & Six Feet Under

I’m so alone
Trapped in my silence
I scream in their face
I know they don’t listen

I’m breaking apart
Barely holding it together
Need someone to stitch me up
And I would give anything
To feel like myself
Need someone to stitch me up

Wicca´s Originals Kieran Piercing

This detailed piercing waits for you at the Warehouse Sale Event (running since October 23rd) it comes unrigged so you can fit it to your head and via Hud you can blend out the chains and septum! also included are 10 Metal colors!
get it here

Six Feet Under – Mastema Bindi

This nice lil Bindi comes unrigged and with a Hud to choose from 7 colors so you can easily fit it to your style 🙂 get it at the Mainstore here

Aramis Wears:

  • Head – Lelutka Eon
  • Body – Legacy Male
  • Hair – No_Match no Rust
  • Beard – Five Stone Meshbeard A008
  • Horns – Codex Malphas Horns
  • Necklaces – Cross: Angel of Metal Cross. Other: Gild NEcklaces A-C
  • Coat – Somnium Somnus Trench @ Mainstore
  • Tattoo – Endless Pain Einar
  • Facepaint – MAD! Technodictator
  • Backdrop – Paletp Shinjuku street

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