In the Night – Necrotize Blog

Heike, Seka & Quills&Curiosities @ Necrotize Event October/November 2021

In dark shadows, lurk strange things
No one knows what the night brings
Bloodletting, lycanthropy
No one knows, what the night brings

Slow creeping death
From the depths of the damned and possessed
Call to you, to carve upon your flesh
Punishment, torturing and violence
Bleed you dry, in this nocturnal sacrament

In the night there are bad things, you cannot understand
An abomination, the devil commands

All featured Items aviable at the Necrotize Event (running till november 20th)

Heike – Parasite Module

this awesome detailed accesoire comes unrigged to you and contains a massive hud to make it look the way you want it! you got several Metal, effect and other textures so get it here

Seka – Dr. XX Mask

this creepy mask comes resizeable to you. and with the fatpack you got a Massive variation of colors and glows. also you can blend out the X`s and nose adaptions so get it here

Quills&Curiosities – Witch´s Brew

Need a little drink for…“beloved“ people? here you go! the Witches brew comes in several colors with holding animations and in Lamp version! it is mod to make it fit your hand 🙂 so get this here

Aramis Wears:

  • Head – Lelutka River
  • Body – Maitreya Flat
  • Hair – Dura U102
  • Jacket – Krankhaus Leather Hoodie
  • Collar – Drunken Brokkr Skera Rakki
  • Horns – Nefekalum Forged Horns @ Mainstore
  • Body Tattoo Skin – Human Glitch NVWKY
  • Body Tattoo „Flower“ Scars – Cureless Cherry Blossoms
  • Rings Real Evil – Beast Rings
  • Nails – Aii&Ego Dark Touch Hand claws
  • Tentacles – Aii&Ego forbidden Ritaul tentacles
  • Ritaul circle – Verboten Fhtagn Halo
  • Backdrop – Varonis Duskhall cells

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