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Necrotize Blog : Evil Baby – TWC – RichB.

đź‘„ Evil Baby created for you the Biomechanical Set which consists of the crown and glasses. The crown is in a silver metallic color and you can change the size easy in the edit menu. The glasses comes with a HUD where you can change 2 parts from the metal ( 3 colors) and the glass ( 7 colors ).

đź‘„RichB. created the Spider earrings and the Spider septum. Both items comes with a HUD where you have a choice between 6 cristal colors. A resizer is included in the HUD also. With the spider earrings you get the spiderweb ear tattoo too. ( the small silver earrings arround the ear are not included )

đź‘„ The white crow -[TWC]– Sliced Monster consists of the collar, the knife (which you can position as you like) and the bloody neck. The collar and the knife you can get in following colors: Elegant bld, Elegant, Silver Bld and Silver. The neck-cut comes in black, green, green dark, purple, purple dark, red and red dark.

You like it ? Then jump over to the Necrotize Event and get yours. The event runs from Oct 20th and goes to Sept 20th, 2021

Necrotize official page

What she is wearing too

  • Head: LeLutka EVoX Ceylon
  • Hair: Truth – Forever
  • Eyebrow: [SB] EvoX AVALON JuliaAir HighArch DIAMOND
  • Eye-Shadow: Emotional Circus – Final Spell – Makeup FOR LELUTKA EVO/EVOX
  • Cross: RichB. Cain Cross @  ACCESS
  • Lips Piercings: ~LF~ Blair + ~LF~ Wren
  • Lipstick: TOP1SALON – HD NATALUXE LIPSTICK (Lelutka Evolution)
EvilBaby Flickr
Necrotize Flickr Group
RichB. Flickr

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