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Xeno – Necrotize & cinphul Blog

Somnium @ Necrotize event October/November 2021

Xeno - Somnium/Necrotize & cinphul Blog

The cold worms and me
We’re alone and free
The dead light inside
Fuel to new seed
We’re alone and free

When there are only my bones
Please put them in use
Want to be part of a new dawn
The darkness disappears

Somnium Giger Set

This awesome Set waits for you at the Necrotize Event! (starting October 20th) Its rigged for Legacy Male and Belleza Jake. The Helmet and the Breathing tube come unrigged so you can perfect adjust them to your head!. Also Included is a BoM Layer Normal & EvoX for the final touch!
Aviable in Fatpack or 4 Single colors! get this here

The Background is Createt with:

cinphul – azrexock alien decor

this awesome set comes with 2 gigeresque pieces that are fully resizeable and HuD driven to choose from 3 colors. it´s a must have if you want to create pictures with the Xenomorph flair 🙂 get it at the cinphul mainstore here

Also worn in this picture is the Human Glit NVWKY tattoo


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