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Necrotize Blog ~ SEKA – Tardfish – SOLE

🍀 SEKA’s Dr.XX Mask comes as a fatpack where you get a HUD with which you can change the following parts in a color that you prefer: main mask 16 colors, X X eye part 9 colors, front Wire/Glow 10 colors, metals in dark/light and show/hide upper parts of the mask (eye/nose bridge). With the resizer inside the mask you can fit them perfectly .

🍀 Tardfish created the Kill’em Shoulder Gun. You can get them in clean and bloddy version. This gun is on its back and fires volleys over the shoulders. As soon as the shooting stops, it goes back into a kind of rest mode on its back . This gun is animesh and can be easily positioned. When you touch the gun you get a small menu where there is an animation.

🍀 :::SOLE::: created the SA – CL-Joint tech . This is the metalic chest part I wear. You can get them in following colors: White Black / black / Blue / Camo / MID / MID Purple / Red / Pink / Orange / Yellow . Fatpack bonus colors (Special version) White / White EX / Black EX / SP White / SP Black / SP White Black. . This chest part is unrigged so you can fit it perfect on your body.

You like it ? Then jump now to the Necrotize event and get yours đź’šThe event runs from Oct 20th and goes to Nov 20th.

SLS Necrotize Offizial Page

What she is wearing too in this picture

  • Head: LeLutka EvoX Ceylon
  • Body: eBody Reborn
  • Hair: TRUTH HAIR Rogue – black & whites
  • Glasses Head: SEKA’s EvilFX Goggles (GREEN-GIFT)
  • Xeno Collar: HUMAN GLITCH // RVENV / COLLAR / MINIMAL MIX @Tokyo Zero
  • Gloves: [Cubic Cherry] {Diem} leather gloves BLACK
  • Ears: .:E.A.Studio:. BOX Inazuma Plug Female HUMAN EVOX @ Mainstore
Necrotize Flickr Group

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