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Happy Halloween – Tokyo Zero Blog

Heike, Rosier & KuZ @ Tokyo Zero October 2021 Round

Where does it end, where does it begin,
My misery is my only friend,
From the hole in my head,
Or the infestion within,
I re-live the crime scene time and time again.

I am the monster that you never see,
Masked by the shadows on your city streets,
Roses are red, your’re turning blue,
Violence is golden let me prove it to you

All Featured Items aviable at the Tokyo Zero October 21 round (running till october 25th)

Heike – Kakuja Mask v3

this creepy awesome mask comes unrigged to fit all faces out there! it comes Hud Driven to choose from 6 Main Colors/ Textures and 3 eye styles! get yours here

Rosier – Atheral Halo

This lovely Halo comes in 2 versions (both in picture) and both come static or animated. It is unrigged to change the size and fit to your head and comes with a hud to choose from 3 colors! get it here

KuZ – Insect Pumpkin

This tasty pumpkin comes resizeable with 3 Bento holding animations for both hands! also included is a HuD for 7 colors to make it look like u want to 😀 get this here

Aramis Wears:

  • Head – Lelutka Connor
  • Body – Legacy Male
  • Ears – LÉmporio Athan
  • Hair – Dura B105
  • Necklace – Asteroidbox. Farren Jewlery @ Mainstore
  • Top – Legal Insanity Raven Shirt/Harness
  • Pants – Gabriel Double Belted Pants
  • Arm Replacement – Gabriel Cybernetic Arm
  • Tattoo – Endless Pain Tyrael
  • Scars – The White Crow Seen Scar & Invision Scar&Piercing (non evoX)
  • Lil Friends – Clover Kodama
  • Backdrop – Paparazzi Salem Street

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