2Faced – E.A. Studio, Six Feet Under & RichB

We put on our best face hide who we are
Can’t let them see our scars
Want me to run away and change who I have become
If you had your way I would end my life young
Degrade disgrace to keep up an image
But I know your secret

It’s never what you see

Enter my world where the crazy live
Cause I want you to clear your mind

E.A. Studio – Inazuma Plugs

These awesome plugs for EvoX Ears come in Female and Male Version as well as for „normal“ & Elf ears. Via HUD you can choose from a lot of diffrent plug styles, colors and what part of it you may want to blend out! get them at E.A.´s mainstore here

Six Feet Under – Ribcage septum

This lil piece of bling is a priece at the Hollow manor hunt! it comes in black and silver and is resizeable to fit your nose. get it here

RichB – Cain Cross

This lovely item comes in versions for left and right with a BoM ready shadow layer. via HUD you can resize t and choose from 3 colors. It´s aviable at the october round of the access event here

Aramis left Wears:

  • Head – Lelutka River EvoX
  • Body – Maitreya Flat
  • Hair – Dura U98
  • Rings – Real Evil Beastrings
  • Top – Asteroidbox Ayden Outfit
  • Nails – Conviction The Claws

Aramis Right Wears:

  • Lelutka Connor EvoX
  • Body – Belleza Jake
  • Hair – Dura U112
  • Jacket Cureless Redlabel Eluard
  • Chain – Gild Cross charm chain

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