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Road Rage – Tokyo Zero Blog

Bad Bunny Industries, Murder & Kreamy @ Tokyo Zero October round 2021

I’ve heard enough
No more, no more
You’ve had your time in the sun
Keep your head down kid, your fifteen seconds are done
I know it hurts, I wanted it this way
All these years, I’m still the voice you can’t destroy

I know how this one ends
Lying in the gutter spitting teeth at the sidewalk
I know how this one ends
So bite your tongue if you can’t tame it

Let’s get this straight, while you’re listening
In my world you count for nothing

All Items featured are aviable at the Tokyo Zero Event October 2021 round! (running from 10th till 25th October)

Bad Bunny – City/Motocompo

This 2 in one set by Bad Bunny industries is fully useable. it comes with a included city roller that is rezable via click! check it out at the Tokyo Zero Event

Murder – Demons Bane Revolver

This awesome Handgun comes with a animation Hud and is aviable in several Styles. The Hud Allows you to Draw and Holster the gun Reload and some other cool stuff! get it here

Kreamy – Devil Bunny

the cute plush friend comes in two diffrent Holding versions for left and right Arm. via Hud you can choose from diffrent Main and Accesoire colors 😀
Get it here

Aramis Wears:

  • Head – Lelutka Connor EvoX
  • Body – Belleza jake
  • Ears – LÉmporio Athan
  • Hair – Dura Anime 08
  • Top & Pants – A&Y Cyber Shinobi Set @ Mainstore
  • Boots – Asteroidbox. Xiad @ Mainstore
  • Shoulder Piece – Sole AK Pack
  • Headband – Tanaka Amegakure Headband
  • Sleeve Tattoo – Letis Enif Sleeves
  • Backdrop – Paleto Arts Wall


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