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Fear – Engine Room Event Blog

Bespoke @ Engine Room event September/October 2021

When there’s fear in your heart, don’t you dare cry.
I’ll be watching, watching you.
When your life tries to spark, don’t you let go.
Don’t let your tears make this fire go out.

With the fear of no shelter, you’ll build one yourself.
With fear, you’ll make it through the night.
When the tears fills your eyes, don’t let them know.
First you rebuild your fortress.

Bespoke Nemesis Head & Crab Body

This Awesome creepy Set by Bespoke waits for you at the Engine Room Event (Running till October 20th) The Head comes for Male and Female with Six skin tones seperatly aviable (1 included in the Package) Eyes and a Hud for animations.
With the Halftime of Engine Room comes the Release of the Crab Legs! these awesome fully animated legs come in fitting Skin tones and Body alterations to make it just fit perfect! The Crown/Headpiece Vivi is wearing is seperatly sold at the event. so now go on get it here


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