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Bison, Static & Nina´s Tattoo´s @ Tokyo Zero October round 2021

My feelings makе me so insane
I don’t know how to stop the game
This lie is my only way to
Smile again

You think that can serve my face
But my soul’s falling disgrace
And I stay lonely
Ashamed and ugly

All Featured items Aviable at the Tokyo Zero event (running from October 10th till 25th)

Bison – DarkBloodArm

This awesome Arm replacement comes in sizes for Legacy Female & Male, Signature Gianni and Belleza Jake. Included is a Hud to toggle the animations and set the Color for the arm and energy flow with RGB to make it look the way you want it to!

Gayazo link to see the Animation work 😀

get it here

Static – Neuromancer Bindi

The lovely Bindi comes unisex and will fit everyone out there. included is a hud for 4 designs and a RGB color hud to make it look like you want it to, you can color every single part with the hud and make it yours!

get it here

Nina´s tattoo´s – Halloween 1

This creepy awesome face tattoo comes in BoM for EvoX and in 2 versions with and without Eyeliner.

get this here:

Aramis Wears:

  • Head – Lelutka Connor EvoX
  • Body – Belleza Jake
  • Ears – LÈmporio Athan
  • Hair – Dura B108
  • Jacket – Thirst Wanderer Vest
  • Bracelett – LÉmporio Tiger Arms
  • Pants – Asteroidbox. Certamine @ NeoJapan
  • Cyber Snake – Krova Xedril
  • Jaw Piece – Asteroidbox. Metal Jaw Halloween Hunt Edition @ Mainstore
  • Body Tattoo – Suicide Gurls Genest
  • Rings – LÉMporio Errant
  • Nails – Convition The Claws
  • Backdrop – Varonis Stardust

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