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🐍 :[P]:- Arthriss Ears : The material enabled elves ears comes L/R unlinked and you get a HUD to change following parts of the ears that you can mix and match in a color you prefer : Snake arround the ear, the orb where the snake bites in, skin, gauges and crystals . A color picker for the skin is in the HUD too .
🐍 :[P]:- Eyes – Skanne : This beautiful eyes comes with a HUD where you can control and shape the shine, shadows, pupils, animation and base. 2 color HUDs are in the pack ( colors and fades ) that you can choose and mix between 80 total colors.
🐍:[P]:- Arthriss Jewelry : This jewelry set consists of the following content: Earring L/R and Necklace in long, medium and short. In my picture I wear the earrings at the tips of the ears and I used the short necklace as a headband. You get a HUD to change diffrent parts in a color you prefer . There are a lot of colors available so you will find the perfect combination that you like.

You like it ? Then visit the [mod]ify event and get yours. The event has started October 1st

Petrichor Mainstore —> TELEPORT

What she is wearing too in this picture

  • Head: LeLutka EvoX Ceylon
  • Skin: SOLIAC – Lelutka EVOX – Isabela @ Mainstore @ Marketplace
  • Hair: DOUX – Sophie hairstyle
  • Lips: sugarose – lipstick natural tree [Lelutka Evolution x – Evo X]
  • Eyebrows: [SB] EvoX AVALON JuliaAir HighArch Diamond
  • EyeShadow: -SU!- Tired Eyebags -Lelutka EVO X-
  • Lips piercing: ~LF~ Blair + ~LF~ Wren
  • Septum: [CX] Epistaxis Set (Lelutka EVO/EVOX)
  • Nails: TRIGGERED – Karakurt Nails
  • Bees: SAP Animated bee
  • Leaves: kotte – face pack – leafy
Petrichor Flickr

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