Leader – cinphul & Nefekalum Blog

both @ the Warehouse sale event September/october 2021

Remember the moment you left me alone and
Broke every promise you ever made
I was an ocean, lost in the open
Nothing could take the pain away

So you can throw me to the wolves
Tomorrow I will come back, leader of the whole pack
Beat me black and blue
Every wound will shape me, every scar will build my throne

cinphul – excess boots

these awesome boots are aviable at the Warehouse Sale (running since september the 23rd) they come in sizes for Legacy F/M/A – Kupra – Maitreya – Jake included is a Hud to colorize them in several colors and also the details so get them here

Nefekalum – Forged

This detailed Horn/Tattoo combo waits also for you at the Warehouse sale event! Horns and tattoo come in 3 color options and in BoM and Layers for Omega and Lelutka Evo/EvoX to shine up the Materials! get them here

Aramis Wears:

  • Head – Lelutka River
  • Body -Maitreya Lara flat
  • Jacket – cinphul ravageII @ Mainstore
  • Rings – Real Evil Beast Rings
  • Body/Skin Tattoo – Human Glitch NVWKY
  • Scar Tattoo – cureless onibi markings
  • Body Horns – Aii Prevailing thornes
  • Nails – Aii Dark touch silver claws
  • Hair – Modulus Alfie
  • Throne – Cerberus Xing Cerberus Throne

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