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City of Night – Tokyo Zero Blog

Neo Kitsch//Aurora//The Bearded Guy @ Tokyo Zero September 2021 Round

The way you chase and tease me
Get me up so high
We on the rooftop and you don’t compromise
Too many hollow empty bodies die
Around my street don’t testify
You got to whisper now on your soul
We keep on moving got to take it slow

She pulls my trigger, got me up all night
It’s a dangerous pretty here in night city
Here in night city
Got me up all right here in night city

All featured items are aviable at the Tokyo Zero Event September 2021 round!

Neo Kitsch – Matsumoto Rippers & Back Alley Berserker Visor

This awesome Designed Ripper arm adjustment comes in White and Dark Version! Also included are a Prop, unscripted and Combat version with or without BoM layers to make it visible fit to your Body! in the Fatpack you´ll get the Berserker Visor as Bonus Item that comes resizeable and in Black or white version! get it here

Aurora – Cyber Cybill outfit

this cyber suite comes in sizes for: Maitreya Lara / Lara Petite / Flat
Legacy / Perky / Perky Petite INITHIUM Kupra/ Bimbo
With the Fatpack you get several colors and neons the Bodysuite and Leg/Boots comes seperate and are colorable separate! get it here

The Bearded Guy Joyato Kenzo Backdrop

This Huge Bacdrop comes with 1327 LI and got several spots to take your pictures! it is waiting for you here

Aramis Wears:

  • Head – Lelutka River EvoX
  • Body – Maitreya Flat
  • Hair – Dura B111
  • Ears – LÉmporio Athan
  • Cyber Skin Add ons – Sunniva himawari Cyberpunk Body and Head Wires

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