cinphul // salacia [crown] @ Mainstore

The Salacia Krone from Cinphul comes in 2 versions. One normal and one version with a higher LOD. You will get a HUD where you can color the base of the crown and the pearls in a color you prefer. 4 Metals for the base and 2 colors for the pearls. In my picture I am wearing the matching shoulder pieces (cinphul // salacia ii [epaulette]) that you can combine perfectly with the crown.
You can get both items in the Cinphul Mainstore.

What she is using / wearing too in this picture :


  • Mausoleum : SCULPTURE – Decorative mausoleums 1 (3+ LI)
  • Leaves : tarte. falling leaves
  • Butterfly: {anc} picnic / swallow tailed butterfly [cluster B] crystal.4Li
  • Moss effect: Violetility – MGC [Moss Fade]
  • Cute pet: [Vaak] Animesh Mutant Dog

Avatar stuff

  • Head : LeLutka EvoX Zora 3.1
  • Face „Tattoo“ combination : Nefekalum Tattoos – Promethean + Nefekalum Tattoos – Hunger (Colors, Evo X Edition) @ Nefekalum Mainstore
  • Hair: DOUX – Eden hairstyle
  • Ears: .:BoD:. Sasha Crosses Bom & Tint ears @ BoD Mainstore
  • Bindi: Wicca´s Originals – Anubis Bindi @ Mainstore
  • Bodysuit: CURELESS[+] Moirai Sisters / M / RARE LOOTBOX
  • Arms: Violent Seduction – Beast Harness (Black)
  • Knife: cinphul // a7mar [knife] @ Mainstore
  • Leg Harness: Pure Poison – Layla Leg Harness

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