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Struts, Cubic Cherry, Nefekalum & Aiizawa

I’ve travelled thousands of light years to get here
I’ve seen the past, the future, and now I’m back
To make you comprehend the discoveries of my time
Time, such an abstract concept
I sailed the galaxies and now I know who I am

All Items Featured are Aviable at the Midnight Order Event (running till August the 20th)


Cubic Cherry – Voracity boots

these Hungry Boots come rigged for Belleza Freya & Jake, Legacy Female and Male & Maitreya Lara. Aviable in 10 colors there should be the fitting one for you 😀

Struts – Coffin Lounger

This set for your eternal Rest comes in Adult and PG version with a wide load of animations! Included is a Parasol and you can change the textures! so get your pleace to rest now ^^

Nefekalum – Sobek Tattoo

This fine crafted tattoo comes in Black gold and as Halftime special in the shown Crimson edition! included are BoM layers also for EvoX as well as appliers for Omega, Maitreya Legacy Slink, Catwa and Lelutka (Evo and EvoX) also separated Material layers to bring on the Nefekalum shine 😀

AiiZawa – S.A.M. Ruined Eyes

these awesome Eyes come unrigged with a Hud to colorize them like you want and make them Optical fit the way you prefer most!

Get all these awesome stuff and more at the Midnight order Event. There are only 5 Days left so hurry up!

Aramis Wears:

  • Head – Lelutka River
  • Body – Maitreya Lara Flat
  • Ears – LÉmporio Athan 2,0
  • Hair – Dura B99
  • Skin Alteration – Human GLitch NVWKY
  • Pants – Toksik Leather Pants (BoM)

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