.: Beauty Of Darkness :. Boost BOM & Tint mesh ears , Wicca’s Originals – Raha Armguards and Germinal – ARCANIA TATTOO

+Happy Birthday Necrosis +
Here we are with 3 new items on the Necrosis Event for you :

đź–¤The .: Beauty Of Darkness :. Boost BOM & Tint mesh ears comes in BoM and in a Tint version (L/R). You get a HUD to change 5 diffrent parts from the ears in a color you prefer ( + a HUD to change the animation in the little display . The ears are BoM and they use the skin color you wear . You get a BoM Shadow layer for a better details effect.

đź–¤The Wicca’s Originals Raha Armguards comes for following bodies : Maitreya, Legacy (F) and Gianni but you get a unrigged version too . You get a HUD to change 4 diffrent parts in a color you prefer ( 10 colors are available ).

đź–¤The Germinal – ARCANIA TATTOO comes in 3 shades : Fresh, old and faded . I wear in my pic the fresh version . You get it as BoM layers and a Omega applier .

🌹The designers put a few presents for you at the event with a lot of love. Let yourself be surprised 🙂 Here is your taxi to the event – TAXI– The Event runs from July 30th and goes to August 13th.

What she is wearing too + Backround Sim :

  • Backround Sim : Bartertown – Mad Max, outlaw, afterlife, world’s end, post apocalypse, wastelands, outskirt, Fall Out themed sim – Teleport
  • Owl: CKit Falconry_Male Eastern Great Horned Owl ShoulderPet (Animesh with realistic animations, static poses and much more)
  • Hat: Wicca’s Originals – Wickham Hat @ Mainstore
  • Collar: [CX] Kuze Collar – White @Mainstore
  • Rings: RAWR! Haven Rings @Mainstore
  • Nails: RAWR! Marina Nails @Mainstore
  • Hair: CHAIN – Ingrid Hair – B&W @Mainstore
Necrosis Facebook
Beauty of Darkness Flickr
Wicca´s Originals Flickr

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