Soul – cinphul, Nefekalum & Dreamcatcher

Tempest hairsticks & Earings by cinphul, Aether Tattoo by Nefekalum and Daniel top by Dreamcatcher

Blood of my blood, skin of my skin
A normal human being
Solder and wires, circuitry
We’re far from human beings

Sick of his skin, it’s time to trade in
A galaxy of emotions, your soul is what it costs
We walk the same path, nobody could get in our way
Dangerously, we passionately never hesitate

Keep the soul, that’s control

cinphul – tempest (hairstick)

these awesome detailed crafted hairsticks waiting for you at the Mainframe Event! (running since july the 20th) they are unrigged to fit them like you wish and come with a hud to choose from silver and gold textures!

cinphul – tempest ii earings

the perfect match to the hairsticks are these earings! they are aviable at the Warehouse sale (running since 23rd of july) are also resizeable and come with semilar textures for the HUD so get yours here:

Nefekalum – Aether Tattoo

this detailed head tatto is at the Mainframe event! (running since july 23rd) it comes in B.o.M and Layers for Omega, Catwa lelutka Evo and EvoX also only materials are included to make you B.o.M specular 🙂 It is aviable in 4 colors and the Nefekalum projectors are included to make you shine!


Dreamcatcher – Daniel Top

this cyber top is also at the Mainframe event and comes rigged for Legacy male and Belleza Jake! included is a Hud to choose from 6 shirt and Strap colors to make it look your prefered way!

your taxi:

Aramis Wears:

  • Head – Lelutka Skyler EvoX
  • Body – Legacy Male
  • Hair – Modulus Nick
  • Arms – Contraption Posthetic Underskin (BoM)

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