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Wicca´s Originals, Badwolf, SkellyBones,Lilithe and Evil Baby @Midnight Order Event

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Here is another preview of what you can grab at the Midnight Order Event :

+Wicca´s Originals has created these Nocturne Arms for you, which are available for the following bodies: Gianni, Lara&Petite, Legacy&Perky and Maitreya Flat. You get a HUD where you can change 4 diffrent parts from the arms . 10 colors for the leather and 10 metal colors are available.

+Badwolf brings for you the Shadow earrings and they are available for EvoX Female and Male Elfes Ears. You get them in one color : black . Behind the ear is a Hand which encloses the ear.

+SkellyBones created the Lemon Zester Nails and you can get them for Maitreya and Legacy (F). (L/R)hand -unlinked- . You get a HUD with 8 diffrent colors and for activaiting a rainbow gloss .

+The Lilithe‚// Skadi Face Tattoos is a Gatcha with 10 commons, 4 uncommons , 2 RAREs and 1 UltraRare. I mixed this tattoo with following parts : Lilithe’// Skadi Tattoos -EVO X- Blackout Head [ULTRARARE][1],Lilithe’// Skadi Tattoos -EVO X- Head + Cheeks [RARE][2], Lilithe’// Skadi Tattoos -EVO X- Double Chin [UNCOMMON][6] and Lilithe’// Skadi Tattoos- EVO X- Triple Fade [17]. You can mix and match the diffrent tattoos to get your own Style. Available for Genus, LeLutka F&M and LeLutka EvoX F&M

+Evil Baby created for you the Bathory Crown . This crown comes in blood red and you can change the size with a resizer HUD inside that they fits perfect on your head .

SLS Midnight Order Info Side

Teleport to the Event and happy shopping ♥
This Event runs from July 20th and goes to August 20th 2021

What she is wearing too :

  • Head : LeLutka EvoX Zora
  • Collar: [CX] Kuze Collar – White
  • Necklace: ::Static:: Royally Laced Highback Collar {Somber} Maitreya
  • Fishnet Bra: [CX] Nimue Set – Black
  • Hair: Sintiklia – Hair Titania – Blacks&whites
MidNight Order Flickr
Wicca´s Originals Flickr
Badwolf Flickr

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