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Light – The Midnight Order Blog

Badwolf, Hotdog, Lilithe & Petrichor/Reliquary

It’s not the morning
It’s not the dawn
The daylight savings reminds me of the fall
I’d like to stay here all night long
But the time is near
And the summer’s almost gone

Don’t ask me why
I don’t want to feel like forever young anymore
Just catch my fall before I crawl on the floor

All Items Featured aviable at the Midnight Order Event starting 20th of July!

Badwolf – Shadow Earings

These earings come rigged for the Lelutka EvoX Male and Female Ears only! Get them at The Midnight order!

Lilithè – Skadi Tattoo Gatcha

This fine Gacha Tattoo set comes for Lelutka Evo & EvoX and Genus in BoM Layers there are 1 Ultra rare 2 Rare 4 Uncommen and 10 „normal“ pieces so try your luck to get some fresh ink on your Head ;D

HOTDOG – Broken Glasses

This lovely Unisex Glasses come with the Option of Bbroken and Unbroken glasses and in the Fatpack you get the Option to color it like you want to! also it is unrigged to fit your head what ever shape you use!

Petrichor&Reliquary – Orryn Candles

This colab makes you shine! In picture you see the Barrelcandle by Petrichor but there are versions from Reliquary as well and a chandleaber as well as a Dish candle all come with and without animations and a hud! check it out the Midnight order event!

your Ride

Aramis Wears:

  • Head – Lelutka EvoX Ford
  • Body – Legacy Male
  • Hair – DUra B105
  • Suite – Thirst – The Baron Vest
  • Nails – Conviction The Claws

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