Spell – Ritual Event Blog

Legion, Verboten & torment.

And I can’t remember
What clear skies look like
Will I found out, that I’m late…
… for salvation

What if tomorrow never comes?
Don’t let it slip away

This is my world now
I can’t let you bring me down
Let this new faith guide me through
And things will come my way
Burn it down or join the line
Dead eyes will see again

All Featured Items are aviable at the Ritual Event (running till 22nd of July)

Verboten – Takius Blindfold

This awesine Blindfold by Verboten comes with a tattoo BoM layer and Materials vor Lelutka Evolution and EvoX you can choose from 4 colors for the Blind fold and the Chains and crystals and blend out the chains and crystals. it comes unrigged to fit anyone out there ;D grab yours at the Ritual event!

Legion – Dabi Marks

The Darbi Marks by Legioncomes in BoM for Lelutka Evi and EvoX you can choose from The reddish layer or a Black one to find your ghoulish look

torment. – Lunari crystal

The lunari crystal by torment, comes with 3 diffrent holding animations and you can choose from 8crystal colors and 11 colors for the ropes to make it look the way you want it!

so now it´s your turn go to the Ritual event and grab yours and maybe you find even more awesome items for you 🙂
heres your ride

Aramis Wears:

  • TF: Antikrist :: Lel F : Small Cross in Light (BoM)
  • [avarosa] Scar – Type 2 Right
  • VYC – Smoky Eyeshadow [BOM] Option #2 Medium
  • [avarosa] Scar – Type 5 Left
  • [avarosa] Scar – Type 1
  • TF: Antikrist :: Lel F : Three Scar in Medium (BoM)
  • TF: Ilska :: Veins/Red/Frown – Medium (BoM) 50%
  • TF: Mort :: Veins (BoM)
  • Body Details TF: Machinist (M) :: Without Sore – Medium (BoM) 75%
  • ::GB::Chain Boots (Legacy) Black
  • L’Emporio&PL::Athan II:: -BENTO Ears -Size 1 -Linked-
  • L’Emporio&PL::Hikaru::Ring Set-Legacy m_Linked
  • LeLUTKA.Head.Connor.2.5
  • SN – Kali Split Tongue (Lg) – Amy Full Set
  • Nails [ Conviction ] The Claws V.2
  • [BODY] Legacy (m) (1.2)
  • [SOMNIUM] – Somnus Trousers – Legacy
  • Piercing ~LF~ Avril (LeL Evo – Connor)
  • Piercing ~LF~ Cleo (LeL Evo – Connor)

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