– PENDULUM – ROCAILLE. Claws & Armor Rings @ WE♥RP

This beautiful designed Armor Claws and Rings from Pendulum comes for following bodys: Maitreya, Legacy F&M and Gianni. 3 colors are available : Gold , silver and black. They are not linked and comes for the L/R hand that you can combinate them well with maybe other Pendulum hand accessoires 🙂

Detailed close-up

You like them ? Then grab them here at the We♥Roleplay Event and get yours. The event runs from July 4th and goes to July 31st.

You are looking for more creative items ? Then visit the Pendulum Mainstore

What she is wearing/using too:

  • Backdrop: .PALETO.Backdrop:. OLD RAIL
  • Red Silk in Backround : Summer Night Shawl & Butterflies + {aii}
  • Crow: Common Crow Pair Crate v3.0 by CKit Falconry
  • Head : LeLutka EvoX Ceylon
  • Hair: Tableau Vivant \ Water lily – Dropping – B+W (Gatcha)
  • Horns: (CX) – Mara
  • Bindi: Wicca´s Originals – Anubis Bindi @Mainstore
  • Ears: L’Emporio&PL::Athan II:: Ears BENTO Version.V2.0
  • Arm Tattoo: CURELESS[+] Anointed Hands / BLACK (i wear the BoM version)
  • Collar and chest part: CURELESS[+] Moirai Sisters / M / RARE LOOTBOX
  • Face Tattoo: Own created and not for sale
Pendulum Flickr

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