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Wicca´s Originals Maddy Gloves, Badwolf Bullets Rings & Asteroidbox Jack Tanktop

There is a scourge in the guise of sanctity
A perpetrator with a quill
Although it’s…
Often steeped in well spun mystery
The accuser sends the bill

I am all eyes
I am all ears
I am the wall
And I’m watching you fall

Because faith is mine!

Wicca´s Originals – Maddy Gloves @ Warehouse Sale

These awesome Gloves by Wicca´s Originals waiting for you at the Warehouse Sale (running snce June 24th) they come rigged for: Gianni, Legacy Female, Maitreya and Slink Female and have a Hud Included to chose from 10 colors and Metals! get yours here

Badwolf – Bullets Rings @ Man Cave Event

The Bullets for your fingers are Aviable at the Man Cave Event. These rings are unisex and come for: Legacy Male and female, Kupra, Maitreya and Gianni. They come with a hud to blend out every single ring to make it your style!
Grab them here

Asteroidbox – Jack Tanktop

Not only the New Items by the Awesome Asteroidbox. Brand a worth to buy and wear. Heres the Jack Tanktop and it´s aviable in the Mainstore! this Fine crafted tank comes for Belleza Jake, Gianni and Legacy M. in fatpack you will get 14 colors and, the option to wear it with or without the Motive. single color packs are also aviable.
So take a look at the Mainstore and im sure you´ll find more than just one item you love to wear 😀


Aramis Wears:

  • Head – Lelutka Kane
  • Body – Signature Gianni
  • Ears – LÉmporio Athan 2.0
  • Hair – Dura U110
  • Horns – Codex Malphas

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