Radical – RichB. & HiLTED Blog

RichB. – Biomech Eye & HiLTEd The Whale @ Cyberfair

A radical new Form of plastic and rage
Biologically optimized
But with a strangling pulse

In your world, you find me worthy
In my world, I „parashoot“ my life
A virtual drugstore populated
By the fathomless and unbearable

Machine, meat and blood
In an intimate relationship
The new – superior –
More effective than all the preceding

RichB. – Biomech Eye

This Faboulus Looking eye is on the Cyberfair (running till June 22nd) and comes with a Hud to choose from 6 Diffrent styles. Also included is a tattoo to give it a more cool look and Alphas for male and Female and Lelutka EvoX Heads- so grab your claws to it 😀


HiLTED – The Wale

This lovely Follower is also waiting for you at the Cyberfair and comes in 3 diffrent versions (colors) Also aviable is a Framed version of your frind to Decorate your place!
check it out here

Aramis Wears:

  • Head – Lelutka River
  • Body – Belleza Jake
  • Hair – Dura B105
  • Jacket – Gabriel Cybernetic Jacket
  • Pants – Gabriel Cybernetic Pants
  • Head Augments – Psycho Byts Cyber Implants
  • Headset – Sole SA Headset
  • Skin – JJ Male Android Skin

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