cinphul // argos [collar + cincher] @ Mainstore

Today i show you the cinphul // argos [collar + cincher] . I have colored it in green that you can see it better and I made a close-up picture too what you can see in my comments or/and in my blog .
The argos cincher comes out for following bodys: Belleza Freya – Belleza Jake – Legacy female and male – Kupra and kups – Maitreya – Signature Alice , Gianni and Gerald – slink female and male. The collar is unrigged and you can change the size in edit menu. You get a HUD with 8 diffrent colors so you can choose what you prefer.

You like it ? Then get it here at the cinphul Mainstore where you can find more unique Xeno items too ♥

In my picture i wear a few more cinphul items .

  • +cinphul // hellguard [crown & pin] – unrigged – HUD with 5 colors
  • +cinphul // raptor [gloves] – bodys: all that I have also listed above -HUD with 8 skin and 14 nail colors
  • +cinphul // raptor [boots] – Bodys: all that I have also listed above -HUD with 8 skin , 14 heel and 14 nail colors
  • +cinphul // STQ [armor.waist]

What she is wearing/ using too:

  • Tail : Rose Thorn Tail (bento/b.o.m) + {Aii & Ego}
  • Eyes:  [P]:- Eyes – Kreatura Sinister @ Petrichor Mainstore
  • Tongue: Clover – Lizard set (tongue) @ Mainstore
  • Ears: L’Emporio&PL::Athan II::
  • Mouth Chain: L’Emporio&PL::Lugosi:: Mouth chain
  • Hair: TRUTH / Forever
  • Bindi: Wicca’s Originals – Anubis Bindi [unisex] @  WeLoveRoleplay Event
  • Horns : [CX] Mara Horns (Silver)
Cinphul Flickr
Petrichor Flickr
Wicca´s Originals Flickr
Clover Flickr

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