/VaeV\ ‚Zealot’s Choir‘ & Quills & Curiosities – Wreath of Barbs @ Necrosis

I present you 2 stunning items from the actually Necrosis Round :/VaeV\ ‚Zealot’s Choir‘ & Quills & Curiosities – Wreath of Barbs

+The ‚Zealot’s Choir‘ from /VaeV\ is this great Neck Tattoo what you can get in 3 colors – Red – Black – Purple in old and fresh option. This tattoo layer is BoM and you get a Maitreya/Omega materials applier also.
+The Wreath of barbs is the stunning Halo with chains and spinning runes behind my Head . You get a held version too + unrigged and resizable bracelet for the left and ride side .
Both items you can grab at the actually at the Necrosis Event. The Event runs from May 28th and goes to June 11th.

What she is wearing too:

  • Head: LeLutka Zora 2.5
  • Hair: Sintiklia – Hair Titania – Blacks&whites
  • Mouth Chain: L’Emporio&PL::Lugosi::Mouth chain
  • Top: BUENO-Gen Top-BLACK
  • Gloves: [Cubic Cherry] {Diem} leather gloves BLACK
  • Nails: Mug – Bloody Claw Nails – LIMITED ( they was from a hunt so i think they dont sell them again)

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