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Hotdog, Dreamcatcher and Quills & Curiosities

On the night like thisI can’t forget your kiss, Rainy city shines, Baby in your eyes, Lost until found, Demons gather around. In my head, And wake the dead, Turn your lights down low, Get the darkness in your heart to grow

Ritual event starts at June 2nd all this products are comming to this all new Dark Witchcraftian event!

HotDog – Martins Hunting Hat

This Hat brought to you by Hotdog comes in the colors Black (worn in picture) Brown, Light Brown, Grey and Light Grey. its unrigged to fit all your heads 😃

Dreamcatcher – Vampire´s Cloak

The Cloack comes unrigged and with a Massive color HUd to tint it the way you prefer most! its a item made for Photography and give you the Dark Epicness a vampire should have 🙂

Quills&Curiosities – Wayfinder Lantern

Need a light? heres one for you, the Wayfinder Lantern comes in Held and Table version and in 12 diffrent colors to shine you a light in the darkest of night or just make your ritual space a perfect Atmosphere 😃

So all these awesome pieces and lot more waiting for you at the Ritual event right here

Aramis Wears:

  • Head – Lelutka River
  • Body – Maitreya Flat
  • Ears – Aii Fantasy Bento Ears
  • Top&Pants – Toksik Bloodlust
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Click For Mainstore

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