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Metropolis – Badwolf & A&Y Blog

Badwolf Evil Alien Mask@ Cyberfair & A&Y Dext Cyber Hair @ Mainstore

A detour, no roads
The air is lead and full of gasoline
A garden full of coffins
Piled up to the zenith

Forever only the song of death
Tell me you gods
What heart still wants to beat here?

I scream into the night
Because there are no days
And I shovel my grave
Welcome to Metropolis

Badwolf – Evil ALien Mask @ Cyberfair

To protect you from anything or just shock your friends Badwolf comes with the Evil Alien Mask to the Cyberfair june Round!
This Mask is unrigged an comes with a resizer to fit your Head equal if you are Human or Alien. Included are also Animesh Asteroids and a U.F.O (not shown in picture) that float around you!

so grab this mask at the cyberfair starting june 1st

A&Y – Dext Cyber Hair

And if you want a awesome hairstyle just in Perfect fit for the Cyberfair, A&Y has something for you! The Dext Cyber Hair is in the Mainstore and comming with the typical A&Y hud so you can costomize every single part in the colors you like and make them glow!

Aramis Wears:

  • Head – Lelutka Kane
  • Body – Belleza Jake
  • Ears – LÉmporio Athan 2.0
  • Jaw – TF R3N3GAD3
  • Body Mod – REKT Cyber Arms and Chest
  • Weapon – SAC SR16
Click for Mainstore
Click For Mainstore


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