:[P]:- Pearedine Makeup & Pearls & :[P]:- Eyes – Kreatura Sinister @ Mainstore

The both items are out for MERMAY at the Mainstore. The Pearedine Makeup are in BoM ( Standard and for LeLu Evo X ) + Materials applier . 20 diffrent colors are availaible in the Fatpack.The pearls bindi are mesh and you can change the color with a HUD . For the Bindi are 10 colors available.

**You can get the Hue pack today for 50L$ in the Mainstore **

The awesome kreatura sinsister eyes comes with a HUD where you can change the color , shine, shadow, pupil and animation. Petrichor has a lot diffrent eye styles so take a look in the Petrichor Mainstore and find yours 🙂

What she is wearing too:

  • Head : LeLutka Evo X Ceylon 3.1 @ LeLutka Mainstore
  • Hair: Pompadour Hair Black by Boudoir
  • Feather Shoulders: GRIMA: [Maitreya] Fur Feathered Harness BLACK
  • Pearls Top: UC_Diva_collar_black_Maitreya_Slink_Belleza
  • Neck/Body Tattoo: Own created and not for sale
  • Eyebrows: [SB] EvoX AVALON LA SA
Petrichor Flickr

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