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Touch – Badwolf and Six Feet Under Blog

Badwolf – Wolf claws & Six Feet Under Hazard Bindi

There a so many diffrent ways that you can be touched, one way it can arouse you, than it can hurt you and on the other ..hand…heal you but in nearly all possible way a touch stays in your mind for long time.

Badwolf – Wolf Clwas

Badwolf will make your Touch unforgettable with the Wolf Claws you leave a mark were ever you get your hand on ;D for the Fameshed Event (started may first) this claws come rigged for: Legacy M and F, Jake, Gianni and kupra. They come with a hud to choose from 6 textures to make them look the way you prefer most 😃

Vivi wears the Ragnarok Rings from badwolf that got a fresh update for legacy male and Kupra. so if you got them you should maybe get this and if you dont own them…

Mainstore taxi on the bottom

Event Ride

Six Feet Under – Hazard Bindi

A touch of Cyber and style is incomming, with Six Feet Unders Hazard Bindi you can give your party dress the final Touch. you can get this unisex item at the Darkness Chamber Fair (running since May first) it comes in a Animated and non Animated version and has a hud to chose from 8 colors for the Hazard symbol and the ring separate

so get over there heres your taxi

Aramis Wears:

  • Head – Lelutka Kane
  • Body – Belleza Jake
  • Ears – LÉmporio Athan
  • Modolus – Nick
  • Wristband – AC Moon Beads Bracelette
  • Tattoo – Nuuna Jordan
  • Scars ect – Mix of TF, Izzie and Avarosa
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Mainstore Clicl

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