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Vibes – RichB

RichB – CyberPunk set @ The Warehouse Sale

Feeling the base of some good industrial tracks pumping through your ears right into your whole body can give you all kind of vibes. and to get overwhelmed of the right tasty vibes you need the right gear!

RichB offers you just this! The CyberPunk set comes to the Warehouse sale (started April 23rd ends May 18th). This set comes with 3 pieces of pure awesomeness. The HEadphones the Horns with the Cross Chain and the Headspikes! You can make all glowing parts glow in the color you prefer and the Metal parts are able to colorize in 5 colors. Every part is Resizeable so you can fit it to your head!

Your ride to the Event!

Aramis Wears:

  • Head .- Lelutka Kane
  • Body – Belleza Jake
  • Ears – LÉmporio Athan
  • Hair – Dura B95
  • Jaw Piece – Legion Jaw of Monster
  • Nose Piercing – Rainbow Sundea Ryan
  • Top – Riot Priam Harness
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