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Nefekalum Tattoos – Orion & :[P]:- Araleus Crystals @ Fantasy Faire

+The creative armored upper body tattoo from Nefekalum comes out in 6 diffrent colors ( black-gold-red-violet-blue and dark pink) You get them for following bodys : Maitreya + Materials only, Legacy Appliers, Slink Redux Materials, Omega Evolved and Materials + BoM Layers. c-nm-nt

You like it ? Then grab it here at the Fantasy Faire ( Region: Somniatoris Arx )

+The Araleus Crystals from Petrichor is a set with following items : Crown ( Static & Rotated ), Crystal cluster (L/R hand -static & rotated + a deco version), Halo ( with or without particles ) and a Summon Cirkle for the ground ( with and without particles). You get 2 color HUD´s to change the christals in a color you like . c-m-nt

You like it ? Then grab it at the Fantasy Faire ( Region : Cerulean Bombora )

The event opens today ( April 22th 2021 ) and goes to May 09th

  • What she is wearing/using too:
  • Backdrop: Ace of Hearts – The Bearded Guy
  • Bindi : Wicca´s Originals – Lita Bindi @ Warehouse Sale
  • Skirt: JB Elise Maxi Skirt – Black
  • Neck Collar: [CX] Necronomic Mother – Collar – Mono/M/RARE
  • Claws: PENDULUM – ILLYRIAN.ArmorRings
  • Hair: Sintiklia – Titania

Nefekalum Flickr
Petrichor Flickr

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